Exhibiting Excellence With GlassWalk

Glass Showcase – Structural Glass Floors

A GlassWalk structural glass floor is perfect for spaces that will house either a temporary or permanent exhibit. It is especially ideal for temporary exhibits since the grid system can be removed and repurposed for future use. The simplicity and versatility of the system makes re-use in either a new location or the same location possible.

Glass Floor Exhibit in Museums

At the National Archives in Washington, D.C., GlassWalk was chosen by the exhibit’s designer for the temporary exhibit shown below. They selected a custom black powder-coated grid and clear low iron glass (offering the greatest clarity) in order to display a large map of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

glass showcase

The Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, VA chose to add light under GBA’s GlassWalk structural glass making use of a small space to display a shipwreck. This use enhances the visitor’s experience by adding an “extra” dimension to the exhibit.

blue glass floor

Glass Showcase with Baseball Memorabilia

GlassWalk isn’t limited to commercial applications. In this private residence, a structural glass floor is used as a stylish showcase for sports memorabilia that would clutter the room if displayed vertically.  This glass showcase used GlassWalk’s transparent glass with horizontal perforation traction control frit.  The glass was placed in our standard clear anodized “matte silver” finish aluminum grid.

structural glass floor design

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