Endless Glass Floor Design Possibilities

Glass allows for the optimization of limited space in a project.  Adding structural glass as an extra design element, to an area that normally would not be utilized, enhances a project’s sophistication and appeal.  As you can see below, the design possibilities using GlassWalk flooring are endless in both residential and commercial settings.

Check out some of the unique glass floor design images below.

  • Glass portholes added on the deck of a residential pool in Carolina Beach, NC.
see through glass floor design
  • Another interesting GlassWalk structural glass floor design which allows restaurant guests to view the koi pond beneath.  This GlassWalk Structural Glass system was installed at Kwan’s Kitchen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
glass floor design
  • GlassWalk Structural Glass Floor System installed over a residential wine cellar in San Antonio, TX.  Residential projects are a great example of glass flooring applications.  Wine cellars can be a great way to use glass floors, as visitors can look through the glass below to see the cellar.  Glass floors are completely safe for interesting projects like this since each GlassWalk structural glass floor is designed and engineered per each projects requirements.
internal walk on glass floor design