Let GlassWalk Stair Treads Elevate Your Design

glass staircase

Glass staircases create functional beauty in any room while allowing light to flow freely in a given space. They are suitable if the look desired is bold and contemporary or traditional and timeless.  When combined with structural glass to create stair landings, you can design the glass staircase of your dreams.  We can assist you in deciding the layout that is right for your project – whether it is with our standard support brackets or a custom glass tread (requiring a special shape and/or makeup) to fit your design. The design possibilities are endless!

These time tested systems are a preferred choice of architects nationwide.  With the rise in popularity for a glass staircase, our structural glass systems are engineered specific to each project.  As with GlassWalk Flooring, a variety of ceramic traction control frit or acid etch finishes can be applied to the surface of the glass to provide a safe and durable walking surface.

Glass stair treads are designed to meet stringent building standards and specifications. Each pre-engineered and tested GlassWalk Stair Tread System features 3-ply glass that is 1-1/4″ thick and can free span up to 56″ wide with 2 sided support. The system’s exclusive aluminum support brackets are designed to hide the mounting screws. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the system compels top architects to specify GlassWalk in their plans time and time again.

glasswalk glass staircase spiral

Design a Glass Staircase

Designing a staircase made of glass is a great product that architects and designers are using to create a dramatic design that allows a space to feel open.  Glass used in staircases is not like tradition window or door glass.  Stair glass is a tempered, laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 1″.  The thickness of the glass can vary on loading requirements and glass application.  A glass stair case can offer light and drama that cannot be found in traditional staircases.

Glass Walk spiral glass staircase

Architects: For a CE unit in any of 6 different programs, take our free online class: Glass Floor Walkways and Stair Treads.