Project Description

It’s something Tulsa builder Gary Harkreader and his wife, Elaine, had dreamed of for years; a connecting bridge that would link parts of his dream home. In an effort to generate ideas for the design of the bridge, he “found” the GlassWalk system during a search on the internet where he saw photos of GlassWalk skywalks and bridges. “It’s wonderful,” he said, “and the best part is, standing in the middle of my bridge, I have a beautiful view of the lake. It makes you really feel like you’re in the middle of the natural world with the lake on the horizon and the stream bubbling below your feet.” Gary’s bridge has been a hit with friends and family and is a place that guests gravitate to again and again.

• Glass: Transparent Glass with Squiggle TC Frit
• Grid: Standard Clear Anodized “Matte Silver” Finish


Gary L Harkreader & Associates, LTD