Unique Structural Glass Floor Applications

1. Glass Floors for Wine Cellar

Wine collecting is a passion. So why hide it under a solid floor? Instead, bring the wine cellar out into the open. Whether your space is large or small, residential or commercial, traditional or modern, a GlassWalk structural glass floor can turn your wine room into an architectural showplace.

Of course, fine wine is also an asset that deserves protection from elements like damaging UV light. The interlayer in the laminated glass provides UV resistance, and the design of the GlassWalk grid makes it easy for an installer to add LED light, which illuminates the floor above and below while protecting the stored wine.

The walking surfaces of most structural glass floors have a ceramic “frit” pattern to provide slip resistance. As an extra finishing touch, GlassWalk can create custom frit patterns – such as a grape design as requested by one customer.

Just as great vintners design with grapes, GlassWalk artisans design with light – one outstanding vintage after another.

glass wine cellar

2. Glass Bridges

Structural glass floors can be an incredibly versatile building product and can be used in many unique applications.  Glass floors are engineered to meet any project’s live load requirements.  Incorporating a glass bridge elevates the amount of natural light passing between floors.  The unique thing about a glass bridge is that structural glass panels or glass pavers can be used to create this feature.  Adding LED lights to the structural perimeter can elevate the look and feel of any structural glass floor.

glass bridge with a glass floor

3. Structural Glass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Also known as “America’s Parish Church,” St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a visually stunning historic landmark that welcomes millions of visitors each year.  The cathedral was built in 1858 to accommodate the increasing number of Catholics arriving in NYC.  Beneath the cathedral is a crypt, which is the final resting place to several Archbishops of New York, along with some of New York’s most legendary humanitarians.  The cathedral utilized GlassWalk structural glass over the crypt allowing visitors to see below into a section of the crypt.

structural glass flooring

4. Glass Decks

Traditionally decks have been constructed out of wood, which tends to require regular maintenance and darkens the space beneath.  When using glass to build a deck, it can allow for more natural light to pour into your house since it can penetrate through the glass deck and into nearby windows.  GlassWalk can be used as a fully structural glass deck system seamlessly connecting you to the outdoors.

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