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Materials & Resources

The aluminum structural members in GlassWalk systems have up to 25% post-consumer content

Energy & Atmosphere

Lighten a structure’s energy load by reducing the need for artificial light.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Studies show that “daylighting” improves occupants’ well-being and productivity.

Recent GlassWalk Projects

Architects: For a CE unit in any of 6 different programs, take our free online class: Glass Floor Walkways and Stair Treads.

Wine collecting is a passion to many across North America, so why hide it under solid flooring? Instead, bring the wine cellar out into the open by incorporating a section of structural glass into the above floor. Whether your space is large or small, residential or commercial, traditional or modern, a GlassWalk structural glass floor can turn your wine room into an architectural showplace.

glasswalk glass wine cellar

Glass stairs create functional beauty in any room while allowing light to flow freely in a given space. They are suitable if the look desired is bold and contemporary or traditional and timeless. We can assist you in deciding the glass staircase layout that is right for your project – whether it is with our standard support brackets or a custom glass tread (requiring a special shape and/or makeup) to fit your design. The design possibilities are endless!

glass walk glass staircase

A GlassWalk structural glass floor is perfect for spaces that will house either a temporary or permanent exhibit. It is especially ideal for temporary exhibits since the grid system can be removed and repurposed for future use. The simplicity and versatility of the system makes re-use in either a new location or the same location possible.

glass walk glass showcase

GlassWalk structural glass floor systems can be used to create unique designs, showcase items or cellar rooms, and can even be incorporated in any outdoor living space as a glass deck.  We work with architects and designers to collaborate on elevated glass floor designs that are recognized worldwide.  Glass floors offer the ability to add natural light to multiple spaces in an unexpected way.   We promise to deliver a structural glass system that is engineered and designed to keep any pedestrians atop the glass safe.

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